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Old Time Radio - OTRNow
Classic Old Time radio ( OTR ) and nostalgia!
Category: Spoken Word
Location: Long Beach
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March 24, 2015 08:36 PM PDT


2 1/2 hours of classic old time radio.

OUR MISS BROOKS- Let's start with Eve Arden as OUR MISS BROOKS spending a "Weekend At Crystal Lake" from September 19.1948,

TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET March 04,1952 Asteroid Of Danger Part 01

TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET March 06,1952 Asteroid Of Danger Part 02

THE JERGEN'S JOURNAL May 18, 1941 Mrs. Rudolph Hess Arrested. Walter Winchell was one of the most popular and controversial figures in radio. Winchell was writing a regular gossip column for the New York Daily Mirror when he made his radio debut in 1930. His radio breakthrough came in 1932, when he hosted The Jergens Journal, a 15- minute show that mixed entertainment news with matters of national importance.

THE FBI IN PEACE AND WAR- The story of the $25,000 Bond

SLEEP NO MORE December 5, 1956 is called "Over The Hill"

March 09, 2015 09:13 PM PDT

2 1/2 hours of classic old time radio.

MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE TIME December 10, 1942. Duck Hunting. Fanny Brice plays Baby Snooks on the program.

STARS ON PARADE June 22, 1951 "Miss Turner Retires"

WILD BILL HICKOK - In this second episode of WILD BILL HICKOK from 1951, he encounters The Missouri

OBSESSION "Ebb Tide" Gale Page and Elliott Lewis stars in a mystery show about human beings in conflict with themselves.

MYSTERY IS MY HOBBY "Allan Fisher (Faithless Wife)" Glen Langan is Barton Drake in Mystery is My Hobby. In an unusual move for a crime show, the show is played before a live audience. This is the premiere episode.

LIGHT'S OUT January 5, 1943 "The Fast One" ("Speed") This is a great LIGHTS OUT episode.

March 01, 2015 05:07 PM PST


2 1/2 hours of classic old time radio.

THE BILL THOMPSON SHOW - Bill Thompson was a character actor who presented several characters in the Fibber McGee & Molly show. He played Horatio K. Boomer, the old-timer,Wallace Whimple, and others. Because of his unique talents he started his own show in 1946. From May 20,1946, THE BILL THOMPSON SHOW.

OUT OF THE DEEP - And now adventure from February 16, 1946, "An Octopus Story" on OUT OF THE DEEP.

THE ROTARY GOLDEN THEATER March 16,1955 "The Active Citizen"

LEO IS ON THE AIR - Movie Studios used to present shows promoting their latest movie on radio, just as they do today on cable television. Here is an 8 minute promotion of the Marx Brother's film, "A Day At The Races".

TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT - Time for a game show, the classic TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT from April 04,1948.

MR. I. A. MOTO -From May to October 1951, the NBC Broadcasting network produced and aired 23 half-hour episodes starring James Monk as Mr. I.A. Moto, International Secret Agent. Mr. Moto is an American of Japanese descent born in San Francisco but still retaining his international connections. The show focused on Mr. Moto’s fight against Communism although occasionally he also solved more mundane mysteries such as murder and blackmail. From March 26, 1951 MR. I. A. MOTO and "The Force Called X-7"

SUSPENSE- "The Doctor Prescribed Death" is the title of this tale, well calculated to keep you in SUSPENSE. It originally aired on February 2, 1943 and it stars Bela Lugosi.

February 24, 2015 11:57 PM PST


2 1/4 hours of classic old time radio.

THE EDDIE CANTOR SHOW January 15, 1941 with guest star Phil Harris

ELECTRIC THEATER November 14, 1948 Helen Hayes stars in "Victoria Regina"

RIN TIN TIN November 13, 1955 Ambassador

THE SAINT October 15,1947 Mr Important (District Attorney)


January 24, 2015 02:12 AM PST


2 1/2 hours of classic old time radio.

THE BIG STORY -.The Big Story was a radio and television crime show which dramatized the true stories of real-life newspaper reporters. The only continuing character was the narrator, Bob Sloane. Tonights Show is :Lottery Boss" from July 21, 1947.

FRONTIER GENTLEMEN - John Dehner is Jeremy Brian Kendall in THE FRONTIER GENTLEMAN Audition show from January 30,1958.

BEHIND THE MIKE - Behind the Mike was a radio program about radio. In this episode from October 27, 1940 we learn all about playing "the stooge" in comedy.

NIGHTBEAT - Frank Lovejoy is "Lucky" Stone a reporter who covers the nightbeat for the Chicago Star. This episode of NIGHTBEAT is the audition show from January 13, 1950.

ESCAPE!- Tonight's episode is the one of the programs people ask to hear again and again. Get out the rat traps and turn out your lights for Vincent Price in "Three Skeleton Key" from March 17, 1950 on ESCAPE!

February 11, 2015 09:01 PM PST


2 1/2 hours of classic old time radio.

BIRD'S EYE OPEN HOUSE - hosted by Dinah Shore with guest star Charles Laughton. This is the premiere show from November 16,1944.

THAT'S MY POP July 29,1945 Renting The Hotel

COMIC WEEKLY MAN February 4, 1951 The show aired from 1951 to 1953. Lon Clark would read the Hearst Sunday comics in a dramatic fashion, complete with music and sound effects as well.

UNEXEPECTED April 11, 1948 Mercy Killing


SUPERSTITION 1935 Three On A Match

February 02, 2015 05:52 PM PST


2 1/2 hours of classic old time radio.

THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE - Harold Peary as THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE. Peary played Gildersleeve as a character on Fibber McGee And Molly, and he was so popular, he was spun off to his own program on August 31, 1941. This is the premiere episode.

THE HOLLYWOOD THEATER GROUP - We love to present rare and very old programs from the golden age of radio, here is an anthology program from the 1930's THE HOLLYWOOD THEATER GROUP presenting "Whirlpool". Note that the musical interludes are all played by an organ instead of more sophisticated orchestration that was commonly used in later broadcasts.

THE ADVENTURES OF FRANK MERRIWELL September 11, 1948,"The Live Ghost"

GANG BUSTERS - June 09, 1944. The Case Of The Unknown Killer

THE HAUNTING HOUR - 1945 "People In The House"

January 18, 2015 01:52 AM PST


2 1/2 hours of classic old time radio.

SEALTEST VILLAGE THEATER - July 03, 1947 With Caesar Romero

FRONTIER FIGHTERS - 1935, the story of the ill-fated wagon train that was trapped in the snows of the mountains while heading West. "The Donner Party"

BATMAN MYSTERY CLUB - 1950, "The Monster Of Dumphrey Hall"

GALLANT AMERICAN WOMEN - With dramatizations of how American women achieved equality under the law. GALLANT AMERICAN WOMEN was produced in co-operation with The United States Office Of Education, The Federal Security Agency and The Works Projects Administration. This program was originally broadcast on October 31, 1939.

THE AMAZING MR. MALONE - August 28, 1948 "Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness" Frank Lovejoy stars as a criminal lawyer living in Chicago.

THE WHISTLER September 01, 1948 "Payment in Full"

Show descriptions Copyright 2011 J. David Goldin

January 11, 2015 05:58 PM PST


2 1/2 hours of classic old time radio.

The Quiz Kids. April 16, 1941. NBC net. Sponsored by: Alka-Seltzer. The first question is, "Would you drink "Aqua Fountus?" Four of The Quiz Kids had appeared on the The Jack Benny Show on April 6, 1941 (see cat. #34963) and on April 13, 1941 (see cat. #34951). Joe Kelly (host), Jack Benny (guest Quiz Kid), Ken Carpenter (announcer), Gerard Darrow, Mary Kelly

The Private Files Of Rex Saunders. June 6, 1951. NBC net. "The Plan In The Killer's Mind". Sponsored by: RCA Victor. The system cue has been deleted. Rex Harrison, Edward Adamson (writer), Himan Brown (director), Kenneth Banghart (announcer), Leon Janney, Barbara Weeks.

Front and Center. July 13, 1947. NBC net. Sponsored by: Army recruiting. Dorothy's first tune is "Feudin', Fightin' and Fussin'." Jack Carson tries to make a date with Dorothy. Dick Powell and Dorothy appear in a comic romance about newlyweds. This is a network, sponsored version of cat. #38891. Dorothy Lamour (hostess), Henry Russell and His Orchestra, The Crew Chiefs, Jack Carson, Dick Powell, Hal Gibney (announcer), Glenhall Taylor (director).

Bunco Squad. April 20, 1950. CBS net. "The Case Of The Bookworm". Sustaining. A con-artist in St. Louis poses as a scientist. He plans to swindle his mark out of $15,000 by "publishing" his book. The date is approximate. Frank Trumbull (host), Ralph Rose (producer, director), Del Castillo (composer, conductor), Merrick Goldman (writer), Troy Leonard (writer), Joe Walters (announcer).

Creeps By Night. July 11, 1944. Blue Network. "Sis Who Did Not Die". Sustaining. AFRS version under the title "Mystery Playhouse". Hosted by Peter Lorre.

January 08, 2015 01:44 AM PST


2 1/2 hours of classic old time radio.

Calling All Cars. March 28, 1934. Program #18. CBS Pacific net (Don Lee net). "The Spinoza Case". Sponsored by: Rio Grande Oil. A pyromaniac has set a fire that has done $147,000 worth of damage. The story is introduced by Chief James Davis of the Los Angeles police department.

The Spotlight Revue. December 3, 1948. CBS net. Commercials deleted. The first tune is, "On Notre Dame." The band also plays, "It's Magic." Guest Frank Sinatra sings, "Once In Love With Amy" and, "Prisoner Of Love" (with embellishments by Spike). Spike Jones and The City Slickers, George Rock, Doodles Weaver, Dorothy Shay, Freddie Morgan, Dick Morgan, Frank Sinatra, Dick Joy (announcer).

The Anacin Hollywood Star Theatre. December 18, 1948. NBC net. "Fogbound". Sponsored by: Anacin, BiSoDol Mints. A romance set in San Francisco. A beautiful and wealthy girl from Nob Hill falls for a bitter piano player in a bar. Helena Carter admits that this is her first time before a microphone and before an audience. Helena Carter, Jack Webb, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (host), Donald Woods, Martha Wilkerson (writer), Stacy Harris, Ken Peters (announcer).

The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe. June 17, 1947. NBC net. "The Red Wind". Sponsored by: Pepsodent. The first show of the series, as a summer replacement for Bob Hope. The same story was re-done a year later with a different cast (see cat. #8612). Forty-one matched pearls with a diamond propeller clasp...a good reason for murder! The show is referred to as "The Pepsodent Show." Van Heflin, Lyn Murray (composer, conductor), Raymond Chandler (creator, writer), Milton Geiger (adaptor), Lurene Tuttle, Wendell Niles (announcer), William Conrad, James Fonda (producer, director), William Johnstone, Harry Bartell.

Macabre. December 11, 1961. Program #5. AFRTS-FEN origination. "The Midnight Horseman". A good screamer. A painting of a black knight...with occult powers! The announcer mentions that it's Halloween, indicating a possible rebroadcast at a later date. Al Lepage (announcer).

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