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Old Time Radio - OTRNow
Classic Old Time radio ( OTR ) and nostalgia!
Category: Spoken Word
Location: Long Beach
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October 21, 2014 03:22 AM PDT

The OTR Now Radio Premium-231b
Whitey Ford's Birthday - October 21, 1928

Edward Charles "Whitey" Ford (born October 21, 1928)[1] is an American former Major League Baseball pitcher who spent his entire 16-year career with the New York Yankees. He was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974.

Tops In Sports. Program #115,116,117. Air Force syndication. Sponsored by: Air Force recruiting. Kyle Rote interviews Whitey Ford, Bill Rigney, Tom Tresh. Kyle Rote, Whitey Ford, Bill Rigney, Tom Tresh. 15 minutes total. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

Bob and Ray Present The CBS Radio Network. April 15, 1960. CBS net, KCBS, San Francisco aircheck. Sponsored by: Fram Oil Filters, Pepsi Cola. Webley Webster's salary has been garnished. Claude and Clyde reports from the Bob and Ray Gourmet Club. The Fram commercial features New York Yankees pitcher Whitey Ford, who can hardly read his lines! Bob Elliott, Ray Goulding, Whitey Ford. 14:37. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

SOURCES: Wikipedia and The

October 20, 2014 02:37 PM PDT

The OTR Now Radio Premium-230b
Margaret Dumont's Birthday - October 20, 1882

Margaret Dumont (October 20, 1882 – March 6, 1965) was an American stage and film actress. She is remembered mostly for being the comic foil to Groucho Marx in seven of the Marx Brothers films. Groucho called her "practically the fifth Marx brother."

Paramount Movie Parade - Duck Soup. 1933. The first show of the series. Air trailer. The Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont.
Paramount Movie Parade - Duck Soup. 1933. Air trailer. The Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont.
Leo Is On The Air - A Day At The Races 1937 Air trailer. The Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont.
Leo Is On The Air - At The Circus 1939 Air trailer. The Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont.
Leo Is On The Air - Go West 1940 Air trailer. The Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont.

SOURCES: Wikipedia and The

October 20, 2014 02:29 PM PDT

The OTR Now Radio Premium-230c

Barney Phillips' Birthday - October 20, 1913
Barney Phillips (October 20, 1913 – August 17, 1982) was an American film, radio and television actor.

I Was A Communist For The FBI. September 20, 1953. Program #78. ZIV Syndication. "No Visitors". Commercials added locally. Cvetic is told to murder a fellow Communist who is planning to become a traitor to the Party. Dana Andrews, Truman Bradley (announcer), David Rose (composer, conductor), Olan Soule, Barney Phillips, Henry Hayward (director).

Have Gun, Will Travel. October 25, 1959. CBS net. "When In Rome". Sponsored by: Fitch Shampoo, Ex-Lax, Camels. Paladin shoots and kills "The Professor," a holdup man and accused murderer. He is also forced to wound an innocent bystander, which causes the man's wife to make an unusual request. The system cue is added live. John Dehner, Ben Wright, Virginia Gregg, Jackson Beck (commercial spokesman: Ex-Lax), Herb Meadow (creator), Sam Rolfe (creator), Frank Paris (writer, producer, director), Ralph Moody, Lurene Tuttle, Olan Soule, Barney Phillips, Hugh Douglas, Harry Bartell (doubles), Bill James (sound effects), Tom Hanley (sound effects).

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. September 7, 1958. CBS net origination, AFRTS rebroadcast. "The Malibu Mystery Matter". A very expensive yacht has exploded and sank. It was worth over $150,000. Some phoney diamonds and a phoney explosion sinks a fraudulent scheme. Bob Bailey, Jack Johnstone (writer, producer, director), Paula Winslowe, Will Wright, Lawrence Dobkin, Barney Phillips, Roy Rowan (announcer), Eleanor Audley, Jean Tatum, Ben Wright, Harry Bartell.

SOURCES: Wikipedia and The

October 19, 2014 02:43 PM PDT

The OTR Now Radio Premium-230
Will Rogers Jr's Birthday - October 20, 1911

William Vann Rogers, generally known as Will Rogers, Jr. (October 20, 1911 – July 9, 1993)

was a son of legendary humorist Will Rogers (1879–1935) and his wife, the former Betty Blake

(1879–1944). He was a Democratic U. S. Representative from California from January 3, 1943

until May 23, 1944, when he resigned to return to the United States Army. Rogers had several

other careers, notably as a newspaper owner/publisher, an actor, writer, and a political

He starred breifly on radio on a show called "Rogers of the Gazette" (Wed. 9:30 p.m., CBS

Radio) is Will Rogers Jr., who is shown as the friendly editor of a country newspaper, struggling

against the pressures and prejudices of small-town life. Homespun, slow-spoken Will (who used

to be publisher of California’s Beverly Hills Citizen) drops pearls of wisdom in the quizzical

voice, if not the skeptical manner, of his humorist father. Says Will: “This is a good, sensible little

program. I may not feel at ease yet, but I think I’m getting there.”

Rogers Of The Gazette. July 15, 1953. CBS net. Sustaining. Jimmy Reynolds, a poor teen-

ager, has been arrested for drunkeness. Will tries to keep Jimmy from being made an

"example." Georgia Ellis, Harry Bartell, John McGovern, Tom McKee, Constance Crowder,

Kathleen Hite (writer), Bob Lemond (announcer), Rene Garriguenc (composer), Wilbur Hatch

(conductor), Norman Macdonnell (producer, transcriber), Will Rogers Jr., Lawrence Dobkin.

SOURCES: Wikipedia and The

October 18, 2014 11:25 AM PDT

2 hours of Old Time Radio for your enjoyment!

Tennesee Jed 1945-12 Mate For Smokey

Jack Benny 1943-03-28 HostOrsonWelles Too Much Mayonaise

Man From Homicide 1951-07-09 Seventeen Year Old Dope Addict

Hollywood Theater Group 1930s Whirlpool

Hermits Cave 1944-04-30 Mr Randall's Discovery (MP

October 17, 2014 03:36 PM PDT

The OTR Now Radio Premium-227c
Jerry Siegel's Birthday - October 17, 1914

Jerome "Jerry" Siegel (October 17, 1914 – January 28, 1996), who also used pseudonyms

including Joe Carter, Jerry Ess, and Herbert S. Fine, was the American co-creator of Superman,

along with Joe Shuster, the first of the great comic book superheroes and one of the most

recognizable of the 20th century.
He was inducted (with Shuster posthumously) into the comic book industry's Will Eisner Comic

Book Hall of Fame in 1992 and the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1993.

Jerry Siegel Interview October 9, 1940. A record issued to promote the radio show. Most of the

recording is an extended excerpt of "The Fred Allen Show" of October 9, 1940. Fred interviews

Jerry Siegel, one of the creators of Superman. This recording was meant to be played at the

convention of the Independent Magazine Wholesalers Of The South Association. Jerome Harry

Donnenfeld (the distributor of the Superman comic books) is taken for a flight by Superman! He

says, "I took you off a drawing board and made a man out of you!"

Superman - 6 episodes - February 12, 1940. Program #1. Mutual net. Audition Program #1.

This broadcast is considered the first show of the series heard on the Mutual net. If this and the

following shows are from Mutual, the commercials have been deleted (the first sponsor was

Hecker's H-O Oats). If these programs were syndicated (up to the program of September 7,

1942), the commercials were added locally. They might have been both Mutual net and

syndicated. Individual titles have been given to each episode. While these titles are claimed to

have been obtained from the program scripts themselves, the source is unreliable and these

titles have been omitted from these listings. Superman helps the U.S. Navy battle, "The Shark."

Clark Kent is working for "Paris White" of "The Daily Flash!" Clark is ordered to Newport News,

Virginia to find, "The Shark." Superman listens to "The Shark" from outside his submarine (a

February 14, 1940. Program #2. Mutual net. Audition Program #2. Superman flies with

Commander Richards to prevent "The Shark" from sabotaging the launching of the first "Y-

Boat." Can Superman stop the bomb from going off? .
February 16, 1940. Program #3. Mutual net. Commercials added locally. "The Wolf" and Keno

Carter (his henchman) try to de-rail "The Limited" by dynamiting a landslide onto the tracks. Bud

February 19, 1940. Program #4. Mutual net. Commercials added locally. "The Wolf" threatens

to make "The Silver Clipper" disappear and then captures Clark Kent! Bud Collyer.
February 21, 1940. Program #5. Mutual net. Commercials added locally. Clark is captured, but

Superman escapes and frees the crew of the locomotive. Bud Collyer. 1
February 23, 1940. Program #6. Mutual net. Commercials added locally. Superman saves "The

Silver Clipper" as bullets bounce off him! The end of the adventure of "The Wolf." Who is "The

Yellow Mask?" Bud Collyer.

SOURCES: Wikipedia and The

October 16, 2014 09:53 PM PDT

The OTR Now Radio Premium-227b
Jerry Colonna's Birthday - September 17, 1904

Gerardo Luigi "Jerry" Colonna (September 17, 1904 – November 21, 1986) was an Italian-American comedian, singer, songwriter, and trombonist best remembered as the zaniest of Bob Hope's sidekicks in Hope's popular radio shows and films of the 1940s and 1950s.
With his pop-eyed facial expressions and walrus-sized handlebar moustache, Colonna was known for singing loudly "in a comic caterwaul," according to Raised on Radio author Gerald Nachman, and for his catchphrase, "Who's Yehudi?", uttered after many an old joke, although it usually had nothing to do with the joke. The line was believed to be named for violin virtuoso Yehudi Menuhin, and the search for Yehudi became a running gag on the Hope show.

The Pepsodent Show. March 12, 1946. Program #137. NBC net origination, AFRS rebroadcast. The program originates from the University of Arizona, Tucson. Bob's opening monologue is about Tucson. Dr. Colonna performs surgery on Skinnay. Guest Sonny Tufts leads Skinnay's band, then joins the cast in their version of, "Miss Susie Slagle's." AFRS program name: "The Bob Hope Show." Bob Hope, Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra, Frances Langford, Jerry Colonna, Sonny Tufts.

The Lux Radio Theatre. December 24, 1951. CBS net. "Alice In Wonderland". Sponsored by: Lux. Alice's adventures are based on the 1951 Disney version of the famous children's story. William Keighley is not heard in this rehearsal; his part is read by the announcer, John Milton Kennedy. One of the Lux commercials is delivered by Adriana Caselotti, who was the voice of "Snow White" in the Disney film. Jerry Colonna (The March Hare), Sterling Holloway (The Cheshire Cat), Bill Thompson (The White Rabbit), Gale Gordon (The Caterpillar), Verna Felton (The Queen Of Hearts), Gil Stratton (Tweedle Dee), Joseph Kearns (The Doorknob), Jack Kruschen, Doris Lloyd, Norma Varden, Jonathan Hole, Margie Liszt, Marion Richmond, Leone LeDoux, Edward Marr, David Light, Adriana Caselotti (intermission guest), William Keighley (host), Ed Wynn (The Mad Hatter), Kathryn Beaumont (Alice), John Milton Kennedy (announcer), Rudy Schrager (music director), Winston Hibler (screenwriter), Bill Peete (screenwriter), Joe Rinaldi (screenwriter), Bill Cottress (screenwriter), Joe Grant (screenwriter), Dell Connell (screenwriter), Ted Sears (screenwriter), Erdman Penner (screenwriter), Milt Banta (screenwriter), Dick Kelsie (screenwriter), Dick Huemer (screenwriter), Ted Orab (screenwriter), John Walbridge (screenwriter), Lewis Carroll (author), Earl Ebi (director), Sanford Barnett (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects).

SOURCES: Wikipedia and The

October 15, 2014 11:48 PM PDT

he OTR Now Radio Premium-226c
Angela Lansbury's Birthday - October 16,1925

Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury, DBE (born 16 October 1925) is an Anglo-American actress and singer who has appeared in theatre, television, and films. Her career has spanned seven decades, much of it based in the United States, and her work has attracted international attention.
Lansbury was born in central London to actress Moyna MacGill and politician Edgar Lansbury. In 1940, she moved to New York City in the United States, where she studied acting. Proceeding to Hollywood, Los Angeles in 1942, she signed to MGM and got her first film roles, in Gaslight (1944) and The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945), earning two Oscar nominations and a Golden Globe Award. She appeared in eleven further MGM films, mostly in minor roles, and after her contract ended in 1952 she began supplementing her cinematic work with theatrical appearances. Although her appearance in the film adaptation of The Manchurian Candidate (1962) was widely acclaimed, she only gained theatrical stardom for her starring role in the Broadway musical Mame (1966). Relocating from California to County Cork, Ireland in 1970, she continued with a variety of theatrical and cinematic appearances throughout that decade.
Moving to television, in 1984 Lansbury achieved widespread fame as the fictional writer and sleuth Jessica Fletcher in the American murder mystery series Murder, She Wrote, which ran for twelve seasons until 1996, becoming one of the longest-running detective drama series in television history. She assumed ownership of the series and was executive producer for the final four seasons. She also moved into voice work, thereby contributing to animated films like Beauty and the Beast (1991). Since then, she has toured prolifically in a variety of international productions, and continued to make occasional film appearances.

Stars Over Hollywood. July 11, 1953. CBS net. "I Give You Maggie". Sponsored by: Carnation Milk. An impoverished author struggles through life with his loving wife. The script was used on "Your Movietown Radio Theatre" (see cat. #69812), "Family Theatre" on March 4, 1947 (see cat. #65763) and "The Prudential Family Hour Of Stars" on July 17, 1949. Ronald Reagan, Art Ballinger (announcer), Lurene Tuttle, Louise Arthur, Don Clark (director, transcriber), Noreen Gammill, Alan Reed, John Stevenson, Walter Newman (writer), Angela Lansbury (promoting next week's program).

Suspense. May 29, 1947. CBS net. "A Thing Of Beauty". Sponsored by: Roma Wines, Cresta Blanca Wines. An actress finds herself in need of a quick alibi after the playwright of the drama in which she's performing is found murdered. The system cue has been deleted. The story was previously produced on "Suspense" on December 28, 1944 (see cat. #24098). Angela Lansbury, Cathy Lewis, Hans Conried, Joseph Kearns (announcer), Robert L. Richards (adaptor), Truman Bradley (commercial spokesman), William Spier (producer, director, editor), Elizabeth Hiestand (author), Lucien Moraweck (composer), Lud Gluskin (conductor).

SOURCES: Wikipedia and The

October 14, 2014 10:04 PM PDT

The OTR Now Radio Premium-225c
Fritz Feld's Birthday - October 15,1900

Fritz Feld (October 15, 1900 – November 18, 1993) was a German-American film character actor who appeared in over 140 films in 72 years, both silent and sound. His trademark was to slap his mouth with the palm of his hand to create a pop sound.
Born Fritz Feilchenfeld in Berlin, Germany, Feld began his acting career in Germany in 1917, making his screen debut in Der Golem und die Tänzerin (The Golem and the Dancing Girl). Feld filmed the sound sequences of the Cecil B. DeMille film The Godless Girl (1929), released by Pathé, without DeMille's supervision since DeMille had already broken his contract with Pathé, and signed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
He developed a characterization that came to define him. His trademark was to slap his mouth with the palm of his hand to create a "pop!" sound that indicated both his superiority and his annoyance. The first use of the "pop" sound was in If You Knew Susie (1947).
Feld often played the part of a maître d', but also a variety of aristocrats and eccentrics; his characters were indeterminately European, sometimes French and sometimes Belgian but always with his particular mannerisms. In the 1938 screwball comedy Bringing Up Baby he played the role of Dr. Lehman. In 1939 He appeared with the Marx Brothers in At The Circus in the small but memorable role of orchestra conductor Jardinet. In one 1963 episode of NBC's The Man from U.N.C.L.E., "The Napoleon's Tomb Affair", Feld played a banker, a beatnik, a diplomat and a waiter. The episode also featured Ted Cassidy from ABC's The Addams Family. In his later years, Feld appeared in several Walt Disney films and also played an uncharacteristically dramatic role in Barfly. In addition to films, he acted in numerous television series in guest roles, including the recurring role of "Zumdish", the manager of the intergalactic Celestial Department Store on CBS's Lost In Space, in two Season 2 episodes, The Android Machine and Revolt of the Androids. Zumdish returned in the Season 3 episode Two Weeks In Space, where he has been brainwashed by bank robbers into believing he is a tour director taking the robbers on holiday. He also portrayed one of the Harmonia Gardens waiters in the movie Hello Dolly!
Feld made his final film appearance in 1989.

The Adventures Of The Saint. June 18, 1950. NBC net. "A Sonata For Slayers". Sustaining. A famous pianist is shot at the keyboard and killed. One of the suspects is Ludwig Von Beethoven! Sidney Marshall (writer), Alice Frost, Vaughn Dexter (composer, conductor), James L. Saphier (produer), Helen Mack (director), Doug Gorlay (announcer), Fritz Feld, Ted Osborne, Tony Barrett, Vincent Price, Leslie Charteris (creator), George Neise.

The Halls Of Ivy. May 21, 1952. NBC net origination, Voice Of America rebroadcast. Mr. Wellman's protege, Dr. Spatzen, isn't all he seems to be. In fact, he's a fraud! Ronald Colman, Benita Hume, Ken Carpenter (announcer), Henry Russell (composer, conductor), Don Quinn (creator, writer), Barbara Merlin (writer), Milton Merlin (writer), Herb Butterfield, Fritz Feld.

The Silent Men. April 23, 1952. NBC net. "Food and War". Sustaining. A story of "the war against the innocent." "The Communist propaganda machine is busy the world over undermining and trying to destroy the power of Democracy." CARE packages are being stolen. Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Don Stanley (announcer), Warren Lewis (writer, producer, director), Lou Rusoff (writer), Paul Frees, Fritz Feld, Alma Lawton, Ben Wright, Ralph Moody, Joan Ray.

SOURCES: Wikipedia and The

October 14, 2014 04:02 PM PDT

The OTR Now Radio Premium-224b
Lillian Gish's Birthday - October 14, 1893

Lillian Diana Gish (October 14, 1893 – February 27,

1993[1]) was an American stage, screen and television

actress, director and writer whose film acting career

spanned 75 years, from 1912 to 1987. Gish was called

The First Lady of American Cinema.
She was a prominent film star of the 1910s and 1920s,

particularly associated with the films of director D. W.

Griffith, including her leading role in one of the highest

grossing films of the Silent era, Griffith's seminal Birth

of a Nation (1915). Her sound-era film appearances

were sporadic but included well known roles in the

controversial western Duel in the Sun (1946) and the

offbeat thriller Night of the Hunter (1955). She did

considerable television work from the early 1950s into

the 1980s and closed her career playing, for the first

time, opposite Bette Davis in the 1987 film The Whales

of August.

Information Please. October 11, 1938. Blue Network.

Sustaining. The first question is, "Name five typical

cliches used in the home." The date is approximate.

The closing recital of the program's rules and the

system cue have been deleted. Clifton Fadiman (host),

Franklin P. Adams (panelist), John Kieran (panelist),

Lillian Gish, Milton Cross (announcer), Oscar Levant.

Suspense. September 9, 1943. CBS net. "Marry For

Murder". Sustaining. A couple living out on the Cape

with the sound of constant foghorns are heading for a

murder. You'll never guess whose. Lillian Gish, Ray

Collins (narrator), Walker T. Field (writer), Bramwell

Fletcher, Otto Kruger, William Spier (producer), Ted

Bliss (director), Berry Kroeger ("The Man In Black"),

Lucien Moraweck (composer), Bernard Herrmann


SOURCES: Wikipedia and The

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